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I attended the PNW Hypnosis Conference in June 2023 in Tacoma, WA. I feel I benefitted from the conference in several ways: there were very good classes introducing different approaches and methods of practice, the conference organization was well done, the speakers were very friendly and informative, and after the conference there was ample time to meet and greet and exchange information. I look forward to attending next year. I hope to be a speaker next year and I strongly encourage others to attend in 2024.

Natalya Chevskaya


What they said

The 1st Annual Pacific Northwest Hypnosis conference was a great success.  Attendees and presenters alike had a good time and many made new friendships and lasting connections.  Here is what some had to say.

During the 1980's and 1990's, we had annual hypnosis conferences in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and I am happy to see the return of annual Pacific Northwest hypnosis conferences. June is an EXCELLENT month for sight-seeing in the Pacific Northwest, so plan extra time for sightseeing. I hope many more attend in 2024!

Roy Hunter Trainer, Author,

Of all the hypnosis conferences I've been to, the PNW Hypnosis Conference has been, by far, the best. Sure, the big, national conferences have more presenters and packed schedules. But the quality of the presentations at PNWHC was phenomenal. Every presenter was professional, knowledgable, and offered actionable tips, suggestions, and techniques that I have been applying to my private practice ever since. The organizers were amazing, too! They kept the program running smoothly and made a point to spend time with all of the participants, making them feel welcomed and appreciated. This conference is now on my "not-to-miss" list and I'm looking forward to what's to come.

Chris Lemig Hypnotist

We had a great time coming out and meeting everyone who attended the first Annual Pacific Northwest Hypnosis conference. Jim and Anthony did an outstanding job putting this together. Great presenters and good atmosphere. A overall success we look forward to being back in 2024.

Dan Goyette Hypno Cafe

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