2023 PNW Hypnosis Conference

where hypnosis meets business

business first ~Marketer second ~hypnotist third

2 Days. 15+ World Class Speakers. 5 Rooms.

the Best in the pacific northwest

pnw hypnosis conference


tacoma convention center, tacoma, wa


saturday, june 3, 2023
sunday, June 4, 2023

The Future of hypnosis

bridge the gap between a successful business and your successful clients.

Learn from the best business leaders, marketing experts and leading hypnotists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

A two-day event for hypnotists who want to understand how to manage and grow their business, learn what it takes to successful market their business and increase your hypnosis skills.

We are focused on your success and we believe that in order to be a successful hypnotherapist you must first have a solid understanding of how to run your business. Then you must learn how to market that business.  Then once you’ve done that you get to actually practice what you love, hypnosis.

This will be unlike any other hypnosis conference available where you will be learning from experts in their field teaching you the skills necessary to build a thriving practice that will support you for a lifetime.

Don't Wait ‘Till The Last Moment



meet our keynote speaker karl smith

Karl is one of the UK’s most successful hypnotherapists and is the head trainer for the UK Hypnosis Academy.

Karl specializes in trauma release and teachers others how to transform their personal and professional lives.

Visit Karls YouTube channel and find out more about him.

Speakers that know their business

Learn from real experts in their fields.

  • Find out from a real lawyer what is important for a small business owner to know.
  • Learn from a Financial advisor how to start and grow a retirement account as a self employed person.
  • Find out the best way to handle your taxes from a real tax expert.
  • Learn about the importance of a good headshot and branding photography from a specialist in the field of branding photography.
  • Find out from a YouTube Channel expert how to grow your channel.

A full day of events targeted at the public to help boost your visibility

If you have wanted to get out in front of people as a way to build your business now is your chance.  
We are breaking the mold for hypnosis conventions and we are inviting the public to come and find out what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is all about.  
Do you have a presentation that the public could learn from and a skill they can take away?  Then apply to present today.

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2 days full of learning.


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