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The speakers we invite are all experts in the field and are presenting on topics that they specialize in.  

Anthony Gitch


Jim Kellner

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Dan Goyette

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Being part of a community offers a sense of belonging, support, and shared purpose. It fosters connections, provides opportunities to learn from diverse perspectives, and encourages personal growth. In a community, you can give and receive help, celebrate achievements, and navigate challenges together, creating a network that enhances well-being and enriches your professional journey.

Admittance to both days of the conference and any of the presentations or workshops available. 

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Admittance to the Welcome Reception on Friday night.

You will recieve a reciept.  Your name will be added to the list of attendees and you will recieve a name badge when you check in for the event. 

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Pacific Northwest Hypnosis Conference 2024